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SAP BASIS consultancy

SAP archiving solutions



In order to support and maintenance of SAP Applications, I can provide services for configuration and day-to-day administration of your SAP servers:
Installation/Upgrade SAP products
  - high availability SAP products installations
  - assistance for planning SAP hardware upgrade
  - upgrade planning, testing & execution 


OS/DB Migrations for SAP 
  - assistance for planning SAP OS/DB Migration 
  - OS/DB Migration planning, testing & execution

Administration of SAP systems
- SAP landscape design
- SAP clients administration
- printing configuration and administration
- operation modes configuration
- setup of CCMS alerting
- adjustments using OSS notes
- regular maintenances schedule for SAP support packages

SAP authorization implementation / SAP security
 - analyze and design SAP R/3 authorization concepts
 - full implementations of SAP authorization
 - auditing / review SAP authorizations
 - secure network communications, etc

SAP performance monitoring and optimization
 - database administration (database reorganization, tablespace expansions, etc)
 - index and tables reorganization
 - performance optimizations and tuning
 - performing workload analysis and workload reports

 - SAP storage management
 - define backup strategy
 - define disaster recovery strategy
 - define data protection strategy

Help Desk
 - customer support for SAP technical problems
 - assistance for building VPN connection with SAP AG

SAP technical training
- training classes for SAP technical team
- elaborate procedures for systems administration



more info: ip@sapsecurity.ro

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